April Diaz


It’s hard to put into words how significant and important you’ve been in sharing our story. Bottom line: you were made for this. The way you worked with me was dignified, honoring, care-full, and safe. Like a magical gift, you have the ability to listen between the lines to the heart of the story and the soul of a person and find the truest story that must be told. You aren’t satisfied with the generic answers and half-hearted story. You get to the center of it all.

You are a true artisan. Yes, the story is important but how you communicate the story is just as important. It’s professionally captured and shared, as well. You pay attention to the details – colors, clothes, hair, jewelry, makeup. You make certain that those things aren’t distractions to the story being told.

What’s meant so much to me is the way and how you captured my story enables me to share my story with my networks and community so it goes beyond my story to connect to your story. It’s important to me that “God’s word to me is for the other” (D. Bonhoeffer). Being able to take my story beyond me has empowered me to fulfill my dreams.

Capturing my story has allowed me to see beauty in my story in deeper ways. I truly believe it’s some of my most painful seasons and darkest times that have made space for beauty to erupt from my life. You helped me see that!

Words fail me but THANK YOU is a fine start!

April Diaz

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