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The Artisan Warrior

The Beautiful Future


We want to awaken the world to Beauty; The Beauty within oneself, in others, and in the world. And to create a world, where goodness is our identity and greatness is attributed to the work we do.


We want to create the future where our worth is not earned but discovered; where we are valued for how we see, think, and do rather than being used as widgets and/or replaceable parts.

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We want to create the future where we thrive living out our authentic lives; where our story is not exploited but treated as a sacred gift we generously give to the world.


We want to create a future where we give generously our time & attention, which we consider to be the greatest & rarest resource and we understand our greatest gift is our presence.


We want to create a future where kindness and curiosity is our curriculum; where we hustle doing the work because we love,
and not only pursue doing work we love.


We want to create a future where the metrics we measure is not vanity but value; where we seek depth, not shallowness and we see with eternal eyes.


Comparison to others will only steal, kill and destroy your future.

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Calling and Purpose

Climbing out of the pit of despair was not easy. I am exhausted, battered and bruised. Out of breath, in […]

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Holding your breath

Can you die from holding your breath? A quick search on Google reveals, most likely not. You body will pass […]

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