• Ask. Seek. Knock.

    The Journal

    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;
    knock and the door will be opened to you.
    For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds;
    and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

The Beginning of Love – Thomas Merton

“The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only the potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflections […]

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Dear Sophia and Christopher, Daddy loves you so much. What a joy it is to watch you grow more kind, more curious and brave with each passing day. I am blessed to be able to call your mother, my wife, and best friend. I am blessed to be able to call you my son and […]

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Comparison to others will only steal, kill and destroy your future.

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The Great Paradox

“The great paradox of the spiritual life is, indeed, that the most personal is the most universal, that the most intimate, is most communal, and that the most contemplative is most active.” – Henri Nouwen, “Here and Now”

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The Four Seasons

Life is a collection of transformative journeys. When I reflect on my own transformative journeys, I notice that there is a seasonality to each one. From personal endeavors to entrepreneurial ventures, each journey could fall under what I call “The Four Seasons.” 

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Brand New Ending

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.

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Love, Dad.

To my beloved Sophia and Christopher, I love you so much. No words will ever capture the depth and width of my love for you. I only hope that in all of our moments together, your confidence in that truth won’t waver but rather get built up.

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Calling and Purpose

Climbing out of the pit of despair was not easy. I am exhausted, battered and bruised. Out of breath, in disbelief, I am… free. The ground feels loose and slippery or is it my wobbling, tired legs, I can’t tell.

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Be Good. Do Great.

Too much energy is spent on becoming great. It is fueled by an insatiable need for significance, of worth. Today’s culture suffocates us with this Greatness ideology.

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The Prayer

Father, Give me the eyes to see, the ears to hear, hands of compassion, and feet towards justice. Fill my heart with your Passion, my mind with your Promises, my soul with your Peace, and this place with your Presence. And in this overflow of being your Beloved, may I answer the call to create […]

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Silence and Solitude

The raw flow of words attempting to capture a moment during silence & solitude. The sun in its consistent generosity, shone brightly today. She is tireless, unending. She gives and gives… And yet, half of the world turns our back to her. We are tired and we need the colors to fade. The essentials to […]

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Holding your breath

Can you die from holding your breath? A quick search on Google reveals, most likely not. You body will pass out and your autonomic bodily functions will kick in. It will veto your will and make you breathe again. I know it’s an odd question to ponder but I believe it has something to teach […]

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The Bay Family

Dear Sam, I’d like to express my family’s deep gratitude to you for the way you handled our story. Our calling to serve in Japan was prompted by the Holy Spirit and did not come about through strategizing, vision-casting, or personal ambition, so it has often been a challenge to explain why we decided to […]

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Janelle Daniels

Dear Sam, I know this note was a long time coming, but I needed time to find the words. The words to tell you how much I appreciate you. The words to tell you how honored I felt by you. And the words to tell you just how incredibly talented you are.

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April Diaz

Sam, It’s hard to put into words how significant and important you’ve been in sharing our story. Bottom line: you were made for this. The way you worked with me was dignified, honoring, care-full, and safe. Like a magical gift, you have the ability to listen between the lines to the heart of the story […]

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Yvinn and Troy

Dear Sam, Thank you for the privilege of being able to share my journey with Newsong. Sharing my story was a life changing experience for me because I was able to hear and see my journey in hindsight. I can honestly say I was nervous to tell my story, but I’m so happy that I […]

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