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Jesus Wept – Letter #009

Dear Fellow Travelers, My favorite verse in the scriptures has always been “Jesus wept.” A profound mystery. Whether He is “deeply troubled” at my unbelief or deeply understood my grief, He is fully present and He knows all that I feel. He weeps with me. Do you feel scared, alone, frustrated, confused, sad, and sorrowful? […]

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Rwanda – Letter #008

Dear Fellow Travelers,   I traveled halfway across the world to visit a beautiful place called Rwanda. You would not have known that this “Land of a Thousand Hills” was once painted with the blood of its people. In about 100 days, 1 million people were killed by their own neighbors, families, church members, government, […]

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Beloved – Letter #007

“I am His Beloved and He is mine. I am to Be-Loved by Him and Be-Love to everyone He leads me to.”   It’s not a mission statement nor is it a mantra. To me, it’s a simple truth.    This year, I will be diving deep into these words. I will explore and create […]

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Calling and Purpose – Letter #006

Climbing out of the pit of despair was not easy. I am exhausted, battered and bruised. Out of breath, in disbelief, I am…free. The ground feels loose and slippery…or is it my wobbling, tired legs? I can’t tell. I had been clawing my way up the crumbling walls of this pit. This pit was cruel. […]

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A Prayer for the Journey – Letter #005

To my fellow travelers, Here is a prayer for the journey ahead. Let these words draw you in closer to our loving Father and fill you with His Love. In the darkest of valleys and on the glorious peaks, this prayer has centered me to the one who calls.   Father, Give me the eyes […]

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Holding Your Breath – Letter #004

Dear fellow travelers, Can you die from holding your breath? A quick search on Google reveals, most likely not. Your body will pass out and your autonomic bodily functions will kick in. It will veto your will and make you breathe again. I know it’s an odd question to ponder, but I believe it has […]

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Be Good. Do Great. – Letter #003

To my fellow travelers, Too much energy is spent on becoming great. It is fueled by an insatiable need for significance, of worth. Today’s culture suffocates us with this Greatness ideology. It utilizes the carrot and sticks motivation. It creates a scarcity mentality that convinces you that you are not whole until you become great. […]

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Comparison – Letter #002

To my fellow travelers,   I hope this letter finds you well. How has the first couple of weeks of this new year been for you?   For me, this week has been full of meaning, yet hard conversations with fellow travelers. They all struggle with this common challenge:   COMPARISON.   It’s something we […]

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Discovering Your Significance – Letter #001

January 6, 2019 To my fellow travelers, Last year, I was inspired by these words of Henri Nouwen:   “The great paradox of the spiritual life is, indeed, that the most personal is the most universal, that the most intimate is the most communal, and the most contemplative is the most active.”   and have […]

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2019 – One Word

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR 2019! A new day, a new you. Happy New Year everyone! Why I am not setting goals or New Year Resolutions for 2019? Most people in the world have started the year with a resolve to make changes via New Year Resolutions and/or set goals to achieve this year. I […]

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