Rwanda – Letter #008

Dear Fellow Travelers,


I traveled halfway across the world to visit a beautiful place called Rwanda. You would not have known that this “Land of a Thousand Hills” was once painted with the blood of its people. In about 100 days, 1 million people were killed by their own neighbors, families, church members, government, etc… during the Rwanda Genocide.


The day I spent at the Rwanda Genocide Memorial, I felt suffocated. I could not handle the devastation I saw displayed in the museum. My feet stood on the ground where 250,000 people were buried. And this all happened 25 years ago, in 1994. I remember 1994 and not until this week, did I learn of this horror.


But, thank God, the story did not end there. The next day, I saw forgiveness, reconciliation, laughter, unity, joy and, hope all in the giggles of a little boy I met. I met him at a feeding program at Divine Destiny Church, which helps him not be malnourished due to his poverty. He was Beauty that rose from the ashes. His smile and giggles fed my “malnourished” soul. It was the Full Gospel on display. It was Hope.


The world is so broken, yet full of Beauty. We just have to be looking for it.


Your Guide,



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