Silence and Solitude

The raw flow of words attempting to capture a moment during silence & solitude.

The sun in its consistent generosity,
shone brightly today.
She is tireless, unending.
She gives and gives…

And yet, half of the world turns our back to her.
We are tired
and we need the colors to fade.
The essentials to our rhythm of life.

The quiet that allows our minds to rest,
the stillness that allows our body to rest,
the peace that allows our soul to rest.
The darkness that gives hope for the light.

The warmth of the fire
the sound of the crackle
the hum of the night
creates the soundtrack to this night.

On one side, the day fights to stay a second longer,
as the night fills the void left by the day.
Twinkle here, a twinkle there,
my eyes awaken to the stars.

The coolness of the night
reminds me of the solitude I will face tonight.
But my memories of my beloveds
reminds me I am never alone.

The divine is here.
In this quiet place. In this sacred space.
In each others presence, with no words,
we enjoy this moment now.

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