The Bay Family

Dear Sam,

I’d like to express my family’s deep gratitude to you for the way you handled our story. Our calling to serve in Japan was prompted by the Holy Spirit and did not come about through strategizing, vision-casting, or personal ambition, so it has often been a challenge to explain why we decided to uproot and move halfway around the world, to a country we previously had no connection to. It had taken me anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to tell this story in person, but you managed to distill it into a five-minute video that captures the essence of it while giving God the spotlight and avoiding any sense of spin. I credit this to the superb combination of your spiritual wisdom, your divinely-appointed gift for storytelling, and your professionalism behind the camera.

Throughout the video shoot, the camera never felt intrusive and I never sensed that I was merely a prop or a project. You coaxed the story out of me through a series of well-thought-out questions, and before I knew it, the shoot was over. What’s more impressive is that you shot the footage on a Saturday morning and had the video ready to show by the next morning! Yet, I never felt rushed during production and the end result certainly does not seem like something you simply slapped together on a tight deadline. We’re impressed with the piece– or rather, we’re impressed with you and the quality of work you produce– and are proud to feature it on the splash page of our website.

Please do us all a favor and keep finding stories to tell!


Stephen Bay

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